Big Mini Charity Tournament – September 27




Big Mini’s Putt Stuff Tournament for Charity

$25 entry per team of 2

  • Festivities will start at 7PM on Tue, Sep 27
  • Tournament play will begin promptly at 730PM.
  • All rounds will take place at the Big Mini, 1302 N Milwaukee Ave.
  • Swag and specials for all. Dope prizes for the top finishing teams.

ALL proceeds to benefit CHI TOWN BLANKETS!

In the fall of 2019, Dominic and his father took a trip out to Baltimore and Washington DC. While on the trip, the two attended a Baltimore Orioles game where the gate giveaway was an orange Orioles blanket. After the trip had concluded, when Dominic returned home, he threw the new blanket on the living room couch and did not think anything of it.
Two days later, a baseball game was the occasion once again, this time on the South Side of Chicago. Following the game, on the way home, a man was seen sleeping in the entryway of a business on Belmont Avenue in the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview. As he passed the man, a quick thought came across him that something needed to be done. As he returned home, the first thing he saw when he walked in, was the orange blanket. He grabbed the blanket, walked back to the man, and Chi Town Blankets was born.
Here at Chi Town Blankets, we know that sometimes all it takes to impact someones life, is a simple act of kindness. Since our founding in 2019, we have been determined to make an impact on the people of Chicagoland by offering warmth to those in need.
Chi Town Blankets collects, makes, and donates blankets to those who need them in the Chicagoland area. When blankets are ready, the team at Chi Town Blankets goes out into the parks, and walks the streets of the city to find those in need.
Chi Town Blankets can make a small impact alone, but with the help of our generous donors, our impact can be much larger. Scroll down, and explore our website to become part of the ZERO OUT COLD effort. Together, we can warm up Chicago, one blanket at a time!