How's the gameplay gonna work?

Week 1: Standard scoring (team total)

Week 2: Head-to-head

Week 3: Scramble

Week 4: Hole-in-one challenge

Week 5: Battle ball

Week 6: Par-or-bust

20 teams total: Each week, we’ll rank every team from 1-20 (first to last place) based on scoring that week. Top four (4) teams get 5 points. Next six (6) teams get 3 points. Next six (6) teams get 1 point. Bottom four (4) teams get no points.

Only four (4) people per team per week will play. You are allowed up to six (6) on your team for alternates / rotation. League play will start at 8PM on Mondays, but your starting tee time may be anywhere from 8-9PM. We close at 11:30PM on Mondays and you’re always welcome to hang out before and after your rounds.

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